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At Mr Black Cat Smokey we are, literally, hung-up on interior design as all of the products we sell are wall hung. Why, you ask? Well, we believe that all too often the humble wall is forgotten, when instead it should be celebrated. We have a love for all things vintage, especially posters. Be it film, circus or travel, from Poland, Japan or beyond


Edgy Design

Polish School of Posters

An explosion of colour across the grey streets of post-war Poland started, what was later to be known as, the Polish School of Posters. A collective of poster artists who typically condensed the essence of what they were portraying, be it film, theatre, opera or the circus, into a single, striking, image.


Worldwise Collection

Film Posters From across the globe

We showcase a well-curated design-led collection of the most original and exciting film posters from every continent of the World (bar Antartica as it's too cold for cinemas there!)


In The Frame

Vintage Penguin Books

Penguin Books, founded in 1935, are known for their iconic design of two solid bands of colour sandwiching a band of white. Different colours for different genres we're sure you’ll agree they all look fabulous framed!